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Since 2016 we have been providing assistance, design and deployment of Cluster Ceph.

We train and are always in contact with the most important European trainers for the development, implementation and maintenance of Ceph clusters.

Ceph is a registered trademark of Red Hat (now IBM).

Assistenza Ceph

Create and manage your professional S3 storage with Ceph

  • Thanks to the Ceph open source distributed storage system, it is possible to offer S3 services without depending on Amazon & C
  • For those who need to archive large amounts of data and keep them over time, the Ceph solution with Rados Gateway S3 is a must!
  • Thanks to the Ceph community it is possible to have a software defined storage system for all budgets
  • Ceph’s prerogative is to be able to distribute data over multiple disks within multiple servers and perhaps in different rack cabinets present in geographically distributed datacenters
  • The installation allows the use of even older generation servers, high-performance network cards and plenty of disks are enough
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Market needs

Currently, the market storage needs are increasing, due to the use of the Cloud, Virtual Machines and Containers:

1. File based storage (POSIX) (container)

2. Block storage (Virtual Machines)

3. Object storage (Applications / Unstructured data / Cloud)

And to store all this data we want that:

1. There is no limit to how large the storage can become

2. A mix of usable hardware, no vendor lock-in and no proprietary protocols

3. Low operating cost

4. Low cost of maintenance

ceph cluster

As for operational and maintenance costs, we want to automate storage as much as possible:

  • Automatic data migration
  • Automatic data redistribution
  • Scalability
  • Data guarantee by default

So the new concept of Storage (and therefore Ceph) includes a new design:

  • Scalable
  • Without Single Point of Failure
  • Software based / hardware agnostic
  • Flexible
  • Unified
  • Safe by definition
ceph support

Ceph's unified storage solution

Ceph is also referred to as UNIFIED STORAGE SOLUTION.

This is because using the same servers and disks, with only one software it is possible to have 3 types of solutions:

  1. Ceph FS: a filesystem, the use of which is equal to NFS but without the limits of NFS
  2. Block device: used through virtualizers as virtual machine disks
  3. S3 / Swift: the most popular at the moment!

With Ceph, your data are always safe

About S3 the applications are innumerable for those who have petabytes of data to archive.

The Ceph S3 system, in addition to implementing the Amazon protocol, also has the advantage of managing data storage in order to always guarantee its recovery.

The Ceph system is highly resilient and resistant to failures.

Everything can be configured to guarantee the loss of N disks, Servers or entire datacenters, always guaranteeing to have the data available.


The system can work on convenient platforms (also refurbished), in order to benefit from the low cost.

The prerogative of Ceph is to always be able to repair itself, and this makes Ceph indispensable for those who have large volumes of data to archive and for a long time.

An example: do you need to archive thousands of documents with legal value for years, or photo or cad drawings that must be kept as primary company assets?

Ceph allows us to do this without affecting the budget reserved for licensing costs.

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ITServicenet offers consultancy, design and maintenance of distributed storage systems based on Ceph.

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