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Nextcloud is a complete, open source and private smart collaboration solution. There are many additional modules that allow you to enrich the basic functionality, but that’s not enough. Given the flexible nature of its open APIs, Nextcloud lends itself to further development, and that’s how Next-Tools were born. A toolbox, partly suggested by our customers and partly by our collaborators.

The goal is to give the user features that allow him to have total control over the platform.

HOW IT WORKS and which tools

Only for users of Nextcloud Enterprise, therefore supported, the Next-Tools are also bundled.


Userinfo is the tool that deals with the collection of data and information on Nextcloud users. It also allows you to have an overview of the client status at a glance. A tool as simple as it is powerful, it reports client status and information relating to each user in a single dashboard, without having to navigate through logs or specific sections of Nextcloud.

Next Log

NextLog arises from a very common need, that of quickly analyzing the logs of a Nextcloud installation. At present, logs are still the easiest way to investigate issues on the platform, but at the same time it is not always easy to find the information you need. Thanks to simplified graphics and dedicated research, NextLog facilitates the log reading process and therefore speeds up problem resolution.

Training video tutorials

This tool was born from the desire to offer 360-degree professional support on the Nextcloud platform. And so those who cannot dedicate time to live training sessions will always have the possibility of reviewing how the platform works, topic by topic, thanks to this collection of training video-pills between 2 and 5 minutes.

User History

What the user is doing and above all what he has done. With this utility we provide you with the complete history of events on NextCloud, do you need a user-by-user filter? Here it is. Do you need a filter related to a specific event? We put it on.

OCS Controller

Work in progress ...

Enterprise Support

What will be the next tool? You could be the one to suggest it, contact us with the form below to sign up for an Enterprise support service for your Nextcloud Community instance. You will have all the existing Next-Tools available and you will be able to propose your ideas. Our development team will evaluate the implementation.

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