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Alternatives to Vmware

Hypervisors for virtualization

For a long time the world of Virtualization Hypervisors has been dominated by VMware. More recently, Open Source alternatives such as Proxmox have become more established and now with the acquisition of Broadcom, the VMware licensing landscape is making many loyal VMware users shake in their boots.

The problem: VMware licensing and beyond ..

Licensing Costs

Licensing options, especially for the sme, are no longer affordable.

VMware alternatives

They are not easy to find; users fear not having the same functionality and level of support that they have become accustomed to.


Who can I rely on to migrate my VMs and for third-level support? What about in case of an emergency?

The solution: Proxmox

Proxmox is based on Debian Linux and leverages a native Linux kernel module also adopted by other award-winning companies such as Red Hat and IBM.

The very fact that it uses the KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) module makes it a respectable virtualization system for enterprise-level applications.

KVM support is native on mainstream Linux, and thanks to Proxmox, it acquires that classic usability of virtualization tools that we are accustomed to.

In addition, thanks to the integration with the Qemu engine, it has the ability of emulating a large variety of processors, not only the x86.

The innovative features of the KVM + Qemu system, paired with Proxmox clustered management, provides enterprise-level capabilities.

Installations range from small to large corporations, because Proxmox is a vertical tool engineered to meet all enterprise-level needs.

Proxmox is not “just” about virtualization, but also offers a great, integrated backup tool.

It can work anywhere you can install Linux. No certified hardware is needed.

The advantages of virtualization with Proxmox

Live VM Migration

This is possible even between machines with heterogeneous processors (they don't all have to be the same)

Live Storage Migration

Ability to move hot, virtual machine disks from one storage to another

No Single Point of Failure

Even in the absence of a single, central point of management, VM can always be accessed for both computation and storage


Integrated software-defined network, VLan and firewall


Ceph Storage

Software defined storage Ceph integrated

Snapshot e Backup

Built-in cloning and incremental backup, no longer needing an external tool to manage backups

Server cluster

Clustered management of multiple nodes (< 100 nodes)


Through training and especially by putting our knowledge into practice.

Over the past 20 years, our experience in open source solutions has developed our knowledge of KVM.

From KVM virtualization, we have now moved on to the convenience of using PROXMOX on both single server and multi-node clusters, even in hyperconvergence.

It is imperative to understand how PROXMOX works and to design the solution well at the network level in order to take advantage of the performance and reliability that are typical of Linux systems, even in a virtual environment.

You don’t often hear about containerization in Proxmox. But containerization is actually another special capability of this tool.

Thanks to Linux and Proxmox you inherit the ability to manage LXC containers directly from your GUI with considerable advantage.

It is fundamental not to improvise the administration of Proxmox, but instead to choose a technology partner that has extensive experience in the Linux environment.

Recommended skills

Years of experience

The open source world offers excellent enterprise solutions that need field experience to be managed

RIOS Network

Overcoming your technological single point of failure but not your human one is a mistake. A network of human specialists is always advisable


In addition to experience with projects in the real world, training and technology-certifications are needed

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We have many years of experience with the development of open source solutions. Our team includes experts from the major fields of Information Technology applied to business, industry and public administration.

We strive to develop valuable solutions through continuous training and certifications whenever possible.

We first test our solutions in our lab so we can make sure they function properly before we offer them to our customers.

We are consultants but also system administrators of virtualized systems and of systems composed of orchestrated containers.

We recommend to our customers subscription-based programs with the software manufacturers we use to receive up to third-level support directly from them.

Open Source Enterprise for us means no need for license but that doesn’t mean fully free either. You pay for our know-how and the skills we have acquired through years of field experience.

Partners e collaborations

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Talking about us

Most common services offered


On existing virtualized systems or customized virtualization and/or containerized system designs


From VMware + Veeam Software systems to the best suited solution for each customer



Charged-by-the-hour, scheduled maintenance packages with the option of proactive monitoring and/or emergency support


Migration is possible but can be complex, depending on the specifics of your environment and the platform to which you are migrating. You should plan carefully and of course consult experts.

Yes, many alternatives such as Proxmox and Red Hat Virtualization are well equipped to handle the needs of large enterprises.

Open source alternatives usually have active community and manufacturer’s support if they are created for the industry and consequently can be very reliable.

You do not pay for licenses but you do pay for our know-how and for subscriptions from the manufacturer(s), which ITServicenet strongly recommends if they are offered.

Nothing; if installed locally the software is free and therefore you can continue to use it; of course losing the support means the loss of scheduled maintenance services, certified security updates and help desk service in case of problems.

Thanks to our partners and specially developed applications, solutions for monitoring, diagnostics and metrics can also be purchased.

We implement clustered solutions that ensure HA, whether for computing resources, storage-only or in hyperconvergence.

It can be, especially if the alternative aligns better with your existing infrastructure or specific needs. However, cost should not be the only factor in the decision.

Alternatives often offer cost savings, specialized features, better integration with specific ecosystems, and sometimes more flexibility in terms of licensing and usage.

We are certified in Proxmox, Ceph, Kubernetes, Open-Shift and Nextcloud.

By definition with an open source product, technological lock-in is not an issue, especially if this product is established, with a good community of users, developers and technical specialists.

It is possible to develop customizations for multitenant realities, project-based option.

Backup to a virtualized system with Proxmox is included, thanks to the PBS solution – Proxmox Backup Server.

Feel free to use the form below to ask any question you may have related to virtualization. We will respond to you promptly.