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In a landscape full of videoconferencing solutions, few people care about data and metadata privacy. If you belong to this narrow circle of forward-thinking people this is the place for you.

Nextcloud Talk is a module that complements Nextcloud’s file sharing and collaboration capabilities. With Talk you get channels, chats, video conferencing, audio calls, and integration with other modules of the platform, all on your server.

Data and metadata are back in the control of the user.


Private Chats

One controlled, private and secure place integrated with Nextcloud to manage your business communications

Private Videoconferencing

Video, voice, documents shared in a chat, screen sharing, recording. All of this is possible, in a private cloud environment integrated with Nextcloud

Open Source

Open source means up-to-date technology without being locked-in; it means security and a community of developers. And, if you have the skills, you can actually control the code and modify it to your liking.


Do you want to take the data on your server with you, see your mail, have access to your other clouds, log into Nextcloud with the same credentials as your Microsoft domain? Do you want to do it all from a single Web page?

Nextcloud was created to integrate with your existing information system.

But while you can probably already do this, with Nextcloud Talk you can do even more:

Chat or open a video conference while editing a file with the Onlyoffice or Collabora app

Create a Talk room by clicking on an event in the Calendar app

Turn text from a chat into a tab on the APP Deck or into a task on the Task app

New apps are always being created and usually they integrate with Nextcloud Talk…

Can’t find the integration you need? You can develop it yourself, or ask Nextcloud to do it


Private Telegram

Private or public channels to send communications or chat in real time with corporate or external users

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Private WhatsApp

Nextcoud Talk allows you to chat in a safe, private and controlled environment. NB: What about federation between different NC Talks? We are working on it...

Private Zoom

Webinars and web conferences with users outside the organization. Waiting rooms, permissions, window and screen sharing

Talking about us

Nextcloud Talk High Performance

The app interests you and you want to implement it but you already use Nextcloud Community.

In order to fully use all the features you need to install Nextcloud Talk High Performance.

Similarly to Nextcloud itself, there is dedicated support and no licensing required for Nextcloud Talk. You pay for the knowledge and commitment of the specialists supporting you.

ITServicenet is an official Nextcloud partner and offers various levels of service.

Don’t settle for calls limited to a few users and performance that doesn’t live up to your expectations through the Community version.

Certified support and technicians with field experience are recommended to use the High Performance platform.

Reviews of Nextcloud Talk

The ability to integrate Talk with modern containerization technologies allows Nextcloud and its suite of collaboration tools to keep up with the times. - Dr. Bajardo

With Talk we solved the problem of indiscriminate dissemination of business information. Everything is now in one place, and in a private cloud to boot, which is no small feat. - Arch. Rossi

Nextcloud used in full videoconferencing mode has been very useful to our company, both for collaboration among colleagues and for communications with clients. - Adv. Esini

Nextcloud Talk is essential for all internal calls between our technicians. We no longer worry about exchanging confidential information; we know that data and metadata are safe. - Eng. Marini


We have many years of experience with the development of Open Source solutions. Our team includes experts from the major fields of Information Technology applied to business, industry and public administration.

We strive to develop valuable solutions through continuous training and certifications whenever possible.

We first test our solutions in our lab so we can make sure they function properly before we offer them to our customers.

We have been a Nextcloud certified partner and trainer since 2020.

We recommend to our customers subscription-based programs with the software manufacturers we use to receive up to third-level support directly from them.

Open Source Enterprise for us means no need for license but that doesn’t mean fully free either. You pay for our know-how and the skills we have acquired through years of field experience.

Different solutions for you to choose from

Nextcloud + Talk SAAS

Comprehensive solution with Enterprise Standard or Premium support and datacenter hosting and storage starting from 100 Gb

Talk integrated with your Nextcloud

You already use Nextcloud and want to add Nextcloud Talk but need support? ITServicenet takes care of integrating Talk High Performance with your instance.

Bring Nextcloud Talk in house

Do you want everything installed on your servers? Great idea! We'll take care of it, and then we'll provide you with support and maintenance you need for Nextcloud and Nextcloud Talk.


Talk is structured to work best with a dedicated docker, which makes it possible to balance audio video sharing loads. The Community version of Talk is not recommended for video calls with more than 4 callers.

Yes, it is integrated with Nextcloud Files and with Onlyoffice and/or Collabora (Nextcloud Office), as well as with other apps in Nextcloud: Calendar, Task, Deck, Mail. And the list is always growing.

Microsoft Teams is a product that can be integrated into the Office 365 suite. Those who choose Nextcloud Talk get similar functionality with 2 important distinctions:

– Open source solution

– On site solution so the data and metadata are and remain with the customer

Google Meet is a product of the Google ecosystem. Those who choose Nextcloud Talk get similar functionality with 2 important distinctions:

– Open source solution

– On site solution so the data and metadata is and remains with the client

Zoom is a popular product for video conferencing. Those who choose Nextcloud Talk get similar functionality with 2 important distinctions:

– Open source solution

– On site solution so the data and metadata are and remain with the client

– You do not pay for a license but you pay for the support for the chosen version, which ITServicenet will recommend and install. Functionality and performance of the Community version of Talk are not complete.

– Nothing; if installed locally the software is free and therefore you can continue to use it; of course losing the support means the loss of scheduled maintenance services, certified security updates and help desk service in case of problems.

– If the service is hosted in a datacenter (SAAS), that hosting will end when the first year contract expires.

Nextcloud Talk Enterprise is not the cheapest option available. If integration with Nextcloud is not essential to you and if privacy and data handling are not your main concerns, Nextcloud is probably not the best solution for your business.

The benefits are many:

– Integration with Nextcloud

– Privacy by design

– Private, professional chat and video conferencing platform

– Cross-platform use via browser, via client and via mobile

– We are certified in Proxmox, Ceph, Kubernetes, Open-Shift and Nextcloud.

– By definition with an open source product, technological lock-in is not an issue, especially if this product is established, with a good community of users, developers and technical specialists.

– ITServicenet is a certified Nextcloud trainer, so we can offer bundled or on-demand training courses for the Nextcloud Talk application as well as other solutions.

No. Currently Nextcloud Talk can only be used by those who are registered on a specific Nextcloud platform. For communication between different Nextcloud platforms, the development of the application is currently underway to connect it with other Nextcloud’s instances.

Feel free to use the form below to ask any question you may have related to the Nextcloud world. We will respond to you promptly.


Would you like to use Talk but prefer to lean on professional support?

Have you already installed the Community version of Talk but something is not working properly?

Nextcloud Talk, what is it? I’m curious about it.

I have another question… feel free to contact us

Fill out the form below and we’ll provide you with the instructions for connecting your Nextcloud to Talk High Performance.

Fill out the form below and we will give you instructions for connecting your Nextcloud to Talk High Performance

Calls to up to 10 simultaneous users, try it for free for 7 days,

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